Vanessa Ferreira GC

To Vanessa Ferreira, wine is synonymous with romance, with an hedonistic aftertaste.
Vanessa graduated in Marketing Management at IPAM – Institute of Management and Marketing. She also has a specialisation in Digital Marketing and Social Networking.

“Pôpa Art Projects is what clears the monotony: we explore ideas and buck the conventional.

“It has been more than plain will … it is a “monster” that dominates us. This state of euphoric creation. The hesitation, evaluation, viewing things from different perspectives, the attention to detail… we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The ethos of Pôpa Art Projects also comes from the soul. But (and there is always a ‘but’) we have the possibility to be allegorical, detached and rambling.

And, the gratification comes from the consumer commitment related to the conceptual artwork and quality of the wine. 99.9% acknowledged, the remaining .1%, let’s call it our “room to manoeuver.”

Vanessa and her brother, Stéphane, have made a splash on the Portuguese wine scene with Pôpa Art Projects: an exciting and eclectic mix of wine culture and art.

The project was not founded in order to push the envelope related to funky, innovative wine labels, but rather to explore unexpected combinations, challenge age-old preconceptions and shift paradigms.

Vanessa has taken the Portuguese wine scene by storm and I look forward to seeing her trajectory in the coming years.

Dan del Gesso GC

Languages:Portuguese, French and English
Nationality:Portuguese and French
Resides in:Porto, Portugal
Available for:Pôpa Art Projects (co-operations related to art & wine)
Hospitality and events (Quinta do PôPa, Douro Valley)
Active:In Portugal
Social:Facebook: /popaartprojects
Instagram: @netadopopa
Instagram: @quintadopopa
Facebook: /netadopopa
Facebook: /quintadopopa.douro.winery

Photo credit (profile photo): Ricardo Bernardo