Stéphane Ferreira GC

To Stéphane Ferreira, either red or white wine pairs well with irreverence.

Stéphane graduated from the Business Administration and Marketing program at PIAM (The Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing). He also studied Oenology at the Catholic University of Porto.

“At the time one sees and tastes a Pôpa Art Projects wine, an outbreak of senses should be the result. Our aim is to push the envelope in every aspect of winemaking. Offering the consumer a “full-on wine experience”, in every sense of the term, is our priority.”

We put a lot of energy into each project before its launch. For two years, we listen and learn from the opinion of many tasters in order refine the profile of each wine. The concept and story must represent the tasting experience.

Hearing the briefing and seeing the label art for the first time is indescribable. It is a wonderfully euphoric experience. And the best part, it repeats itself every time someone sees the artwork and tastes the wines for the first time.

What we would think is unattainable, happens: the Pôpa Art Projects is 100% art… from its concept and content to its packaging and tasting experience.

If a wine is not the best it can be, it’s not worthy of carrying the Pôpa Art Projects signature.

One of Portugal’s newest and most promising wine personalities. Very few manage to make such a splash in an established wine scene, especially one as traditional and reputed as the Douro Valley, where quality, but also competition, is world class.

Having made my own Pôpa Art Projects signature wine collection with Stéphane and his family is by far one my wine career highlights.

Finkus Bripp GC

Languages:Portuguese, French and English
Nationality:Portuguese and French
Resides in:Porto, Portugal
Available for:Pôpa Art Projects (co-operations related to art & wine)
Hospitality and events (Quinta do PôPa, Douro Valley)
Active:In Portugal
Social:Facebook: /popaartprojects
Instagram: @masterpopa
Instagram: @quintadopopa
Facebook: /Stephane.g.ferreira
Facebook: /quintadopopa.douro.winery

Photo credit (profile photo): Ricardo Bernardo