Onneca Guelbenzu (a.k.a. Onne Wan) originally studied law but coming from a wine family (formerly known as Bodegas Guelbenzu, today Bodega del Jardin in Navarra, Spain), she dedicated her life to the world of vino in a more practical manner: becoming a sommelier, wine educator, writer, and entertainer.

Onne has proudly earned the WSET advanced diploma and she is also a Sake specialist. Along with her father Ricardo, a winemaker, they write a passionate blog in defence of wine and all art forms related to it. : We are Wine Defender – winedefender.org

Onne currently works full-time for Mövenpick Wine in their cellar in Meyrin (Geneva) when she’s not globetrotting with her various bands : Las Furias, Mighty Bombs and The Trap.

Some people front a punk attitude, Onne lives it!

Where do I even begin when it comes to Onne: She is a dear friend and one of the most unique, open-minded, authentic, fun, honest and creative wine personalities I’ve ever met. And she not only knows her stuff when it comes to wine… riffing out on the guitar or bass are second nature to her.

Onne is the first person I ever mentioned my idea of founding The Grand Crüe to way back when and happens to be the first member. She was actually the one who suggested members add the GC initials to their name. You are a huge inspiration, Onne! Thank you.

Dan del Gesso GC

Languages:Spanish, English and French
Resides in:Geneva, Switzerland
Available for:Wine journalism
Wine judging competitions
Websites:We are Wine Defender: winedefender.org
Bodega del Jardin: pulsowines.es
Las Furias (on Bandcamp): Las Furias
Mighty Bombs (on Bandcamp): Mighty Bombs
The Trap (on Bandcamp): The Trap
Social:Facebook: /onneca
Facebook: /winedefenders
Instagram: @onnewan
Instagram: @winedefenders
Twitter: @onnewan
Twitter: @winedefenders