Mikael has been working in the wine business for over 25 years: as a wine journalist for 10 years, writing for some of the most famous wine magazines in Sweden as well as different online projects. He also holds Sweden’s “Nose Of The Year” 2011 title.

He has been judging in wine, spirits and beer competitions around Europe for 15 years including: ITQI Superior Taste Awards, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Concours Mondial Sauvignon and Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.

Mikael is the co-founder and owner of Picky Drinks (established 2013), a wine import company based in Stockholm who’s portfolio focuses on small producers from France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Mik and I met a few years back at a wine judging competition and became fast friends. And how many people can boast having a Swedish “Nose Of The Year” titular in their group? Though he’s a wine importer, he knows his shizzle when it comes to alcoholic beverages across the board.

I’d add that he personifies Swedish understatement but considering he’s the only hetero guy I know confident enough to walk around with a walking stick shaped like a huge d*ck (or “hästpenis” in Swedish), I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Unless of course that phallic walking stick is also an understatement… hhhmmmm….

Dan del Gesso GC

Languages:Swedish and English
Resides in:Stockholm, Sweden
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Drinks journalism
Wine importing (Sweden)
Active:In Sweden and internationally (related to tasting competitions and writing)
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