Matt Wilson is an award winning photographer who studied at the International Centre of Photography in N.Y. in the early nineties. He went on to become a touring music photographer in the USA, working notably in the Hip Hop scene, with artists such as Mos Def, The Roots, Method Man, Redman and Common.

Matt, based in Chile, has worked for the likes of GQ, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Decanter and Wine Spectator (just to name a few). When it comes to wine photography, he likes pushing the limits and while he does, the Chilean wine scene is changing because of it.

Matt, the “enfant terrible” of international wine photography.

The kind of guy you go to lunch with in London and then somehow wake up in Brighton… not knowing quite sure how you got there… but know it was a good time nonetheless.

The kind of guy you can road trip through Europe with and never get on one another’s nerves.

The kind of guy who’s capable of having fun the one minute but when it comes to getting down to business, has his photo equipment ready and is raring to go… and with just a few clicks and clacks of his camera shutter, makes you wonder “how the f**k did he do that?” when you see the results.

Finkus Bripp GC

Languages:English and Spanish
Resides in:Santa Cruz, Chile
Available for:Photography
Videography (aerial and traditional)
Social:Instagram: @matt.wilson.gc
Twitter: @Photos_in_Chile