Though many are initially put off by Marco’s extreme medley of tattoos, they soon realise he’s easy-going, loves and lives life with passion as well as conviction.

Known as “Winepunk” in the German wine scene, Marco’s been pushing the envelope as a sommelier, entrepreneur and winemaker for over a decade.

His philosophy

Good wine is not only meant to be something to be enjoyed by the upper class. It is a natural product which truly expresses the character of the winemaker and the soil where it is grown. Good wine exceeds the audience’s expectations, challenges and finally rewards with the finest taste, depth and truth there is.

To some, especially for “label drinkers”, this seems like hocus pocus but it’s far from it. The task is to bring wine and its many facets to a broader audience, thus raising its appreciation and understanding related to its complexity.

Considering tatts are pretty much the norm nowadays, I wondered if Marco was the real deal the first time I met him. Realising 5 minutes in… yup, he’s the real deal!

Few of the German winos I’ve met over the years have a grasp and depth-of-knowledge of the market the way Marco does. The guy’s like a speeding locomotive and his positive attitude can’t help but to rub off on the people he meets.

He likes what he does & does what he likes. And considering the quality of the wines he makes, I definitely like what he’s doing too.

Finkus Bripp GC

Languages:German, Italian and English
Nationalities:German and Italian
Resides in:Frankfurt, Germany
Available for:Wine events
Wine education
Public speaking engagements
Active:In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy
Website:winepunk blog
Social:Instagram: @thewinepunk
Facebook: /weinpunk