When not tasting or drinking wine, Dan has spent much of his career trying to figure out how to communicate, educate, enlighten and generally make wine both fun and accessible. In the early days this meant working hard and playing hard at Bibendum, in London, with some of the most creative wine marketing brains around. After meeting his Aussie wife over there, Gemma and Dan moved to Sydney and then Adelaide, where they now live with daughter, Olive.

In Australia, Dan kept chatting about wine to anyone that would listen, writing the monthly ‘Happy Hour’ drinks pages in the SBS magazine, Feast, for three years. He was also a video presenter on the online wine community, Spitbucket, and led Wine Australia masterclasses at the Good Food and Wine Shows nationally. In 2014 he and a business partner cooked up their own wine brand – Tonic Wines – which started as a side project and then grew and grew (isn’t it always the way?). He sold his share in the business to his partner at the end of 2019 but continues to rack up new business ideas…even when there’s no time to execute them.

After six years working with Shaw + Smith and The Other Wine Co. in Adelaide Hills and Tolpuddle Vineyard in Tasmania, he has recently struck out in another new direction, helping to build up a new brand and wine busines in the Barossa Valley from scratch. It’s called Alkina and it might just help to change the way many Australians think about terroir. Like a proper nerd, he’s pumped to be learning heaps of new stuff: about rocks, about agricultural regeneration, about biodynamics and about the anatomy and philosophy of taste and tasting. He sees Alkina as a place where wine quality and character, story-telling, the environment, hospitality, diversity, community and kindness can be seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of the business. It may not be easy, but then great things rarely are….

Dan is one of the very first GC members and fittest wine marketing cracks I’ve had the privilege of meeting over the past decade.

He’s worked for some high-profile names in the industry and is my go-to guy when I need feedback related to new projects and have any Q’s related to the British & Australian wine markets.

And not to mention, his skill level related to marathon lunches can only be described as “savage”! GC through and through!

Dan del Gesso GC

Resides in:Adelaide, Australia
Available for:Corporate and private wine events (Alkina Winery, Barossa Valley)
Active in:Barossa Valley, Australia
Social:Instagram: @up_shiraz
Facebook: /dan.coward1
Twitter: @up_shiraz