Benjamin was born and raised in the Zurich wine country (Zürcher Weinland) in northern Switzerland. He studied journalism and communication and then became a wine journalist at Vinum.

In 2015, together with Dominik Vombach GC, he founded the Herzog & Vombach agency, which is, among other things, chief editor of Falstaff Switzerland.

In addition, he is active on the board of the Gaswerk Kulturzentrum in his home town of Winterthur and sings (or rather screams) for the heavy’n’roll band The Redneck Zombies.

In addition to naked wines, he likes loud guitar music, bitter beer and all things sausage.

Benny is one of the best and most objective wine tasters I’ve ever met and his writing style is truly unique. He juggles modernism and tradition like few people I know.

And in addition to that, he’s the only person with whom I can chat for hours on end about the Swiss electronic group “STARTER”. How’s that for multi-faceted?

Dan del Gesso GC (Klick the vid for some STARTER awesomeness!)

Languages:German, English and French
Resides in:Winterthur, Switzerland
Available for:Copywriting
Wine journalism
Wine tasting reviews
Wine education events (Schöner Saufen)
Active:In Switzerland and internationally (related to wine journalism)
Social:Instagram: @herzben
Instagram: @herzogundvombach
Facebook: benjamin.herzog.311
Facebook: herzogundvombach